Exodus 10-18

When the time finally comes to deliver the Israelites from the Egyptians, God manifests his power to Pharaoh in a remarkable way through the infliction of 10 devastating plagues. All of this was done in order to change Pharaoh’s stubborn attitude. But something I discovered for the first time in today’s reading is that all the Egyptians, including the servants of Pharaoh, had great respect for Moses and had a favorable opinion of the Israelites (see Exodus 11:3). Apparently they weren’t too concerned about the Israelites leaving. It was only the Pharaoh who was bound and determined to not let them go at any cost. Because of his attitude, all of the Egyptians suffered under the plagues. In the final plague, every firstborn Egyptian male was killed by the destroying angel. This brings up the important question of why so many innocent people had to suffer for the sins of one man. Everyday in our world innocent people suffer because of the careless or cruel attitudes of other people. That is not fair, but we understand that that is how things are in this world. But this story is more troubling because God was the one who sent the plagues. Why would God send the plagues to them, when they were not at fault? This is just one of many questions that I have about the justice of God in the Bible. I trust that he is a just and loving God. But reading these troubling accounts of Scripture really stretches my faith. Is it safe to assume that we must always be bothered by these questions and never expect to have them answered in this life. Why do you suppose God would operate this way, when it has caused so many people to depart from the faith? Many people would consider it to be an example of blind faith to continue believing God is a certain way when the evidence seems to not support it. How would you respond; how has this way of thinking different from blind faith?



  1. I have these same questions and it seems that your are right, we will need to wait on the Lord to explain it to us. Is is possible that these people were wicked like so many of those that Israel was told to kill? Maybe people did not depart because of these things, but felt that God was powerful and actually turned to Him. No matter what, trusting God is our only answer.

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