Leviticus 11-27

Today’s reading once again was very tedious, covering all kinds of laws ranging from festivals to hygiene. There is a lot that could be said in regard to the different laws, but I just wanted to share a thought-provoking question regarding the hygienic laws. Are those laws scientifically sound from a modern standpoint? Being a Bible believing Christian, I think they are, but I was just wondering if any of you have heard about scientists demonstrating that these laws were actually helpful and contributed to the good health of the Israelites. I think if we could show that they are scientifically valid, that would be a powerful evidence for the reliability of Scripture. If those laws were really ahead of their time, then how on earth could the Israelites develop them without divine instruction? I don’t think there’s any other explanation.



  1. Very good question, I have wondered the same. Some of them seem ridiculous to me, but I think lack of medical science, disease, poverty, dirt, all made some of these important in those times.

  2. Douglas,

    You’re right on here, I believe I can provide documentation that will bear this out. They had no or little understanding of grems and the disease process as Ann mentioned above. Will get back to ya on this one…

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