Posted by: Douglas Mehling | June 24, 2009

The need to continue writing

Recently I have really been trying to work on my autobiography.  So far I have worked on it about seven or eight days in a row which is a first.  I am finally getting serious about finishing it.  However it’s a challenge because I feel like my thoughts are going in all sorts of directions.  Also, I start working on one chapter and soon get bored with it, so I start writing on a completely new section.  But I’m sticking with it and it will get done eventually.  Starting to work again on my book as started me thinking that I should just post every day on this blog.  If I have 10 minutes to work on my book, then I have five minutes to just say something on here.  It doesn’t have to be very orderly or make a lot of sense.  Just whatever is on my mind.  Who knows, maybe we share here may end up in my book.


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