Posted by: Douglas Mehling | May 8, 2008

The stupidity of pride

Like many this week, I have watched with concern the humanitarian disaster occurring in Myanmar (formerly called Burma) after a terrible cyclone.  The dictatorial government has been very stubborn and unwilling to allow any foreign nations or organizations to help with disaster relief.  They are finally beginning to consider receiving aid, but have made it clear that they will get the supplies to the people, even though they are hopelessly incapable of doing that.  It is hard to understand why they are so against getting help.  What benefit do they gain in their refusal, which will certainly claim the lives of thousands of people who survived the actual storm?  Perhaps the leaders believe foreign involvement could have the potential of depriving them of their power.  Whatever the case, this is certainly an example of how pride or the desire for power can cause people to do really ridiculous things.  But before we condemn the despots in Myanmar for being so hardheaded and stupid, we should look at ourselves and consider how many dumb things we do because of pride or selfishness.  I can certainly see many examples in my life of acting like that.



  1. Douglas,

    Considering your “Stupidity and Pride” blog, this was a perfect title.

    Just for grins I thought I’d Google up the topic just to see where it would lead… Whoa! This lead me right to several Satanic web sites including the Church of Satan, pretty scare stuff, and possibly some interesting material to blog about later. It seems they (Satan worshipers) consider Christian pride sheer stupidity and a cardinal sin. Now as far as pride and stupidity being a sin, that part I might be able to agree with, but I‘m getting off of your topic.

    Again I feel as strongly as you that these so called leaders saw an admission of a need for help equal to an admission of weakness. Their pride came before any interest for the welfare of their people.

    Pride was afraid that outsiders might win the hearts of their people thus diluting their power. The outsiders might look inside their country and see the weakness of their government and who knows what other pride bases reasons they may have had, but it comes down to stupidity.

    Not to slander my own but I can remember a time when I was very young (I must have been about 6 years old). There was little or no food in the house. We did not have the funds to support our needs , yet my mother, a proud woman, refused to ask for help. Like with this country it came to the point where reality over powered the stupidity of pride and our local church came to the rescue once the need was brought to light by a fellow church member.

    Despite this I’m sure she prayed a lot and asked God for deliverance from our troubles, He was the only one she would ask. The other church members actions was more than likely an answer to that prayer. The countrymen in your blog here most likely sent up many prayers and I believe that God finally was able to soften the pride in the hearts of their leaders.

    If you think about it, stupidity and pride are two of the prime ingredients to most of man’s shortcomings from the beginning of time. Consider the fall of Adam and Eve, it’s not hard to visualize how S&P played a major role in this. Or, making a string a pearls out of this blog, lets get back the beginning , could S&P have played a major part in the fall of Satan?

    Come to think of it, stupidly and pride should just be combined into one word, pride = stupidity right? Think of all of the ink we could save! What could we call it? Stupridity? Maybe Pridepridity? Hmm, pridestupity? I’m kidding Douglas, I know how you hate “made up words”.

    I have to agree with you once again, we all suffer from the stupidly of pride from time to time, the ingredients for a perfect failure…

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