Posted by: Douglas Mehling | May 6, 2008

My thoughts on graduation

Well, today is the first anniversary of my graduation from college.  I cannot believe an entire year has elapsed since that great day.  It was such an exciting experience, but now life seems rather dull in comparison.  This year’s graduation took place this last weekend, and I was able to attend part of the ceremonies.  It was a very strange feeling witnessing all the excitement of that great event, but only being a spectator this time.  I’m not sure why, but I guess maybe it’s the fact that I won’t experience something like that again.  Somehow you feel like the completion of something as significant as college is the greatest thing you can imagine, but then it quickly comes to an end and then life must go on.  But I must remind myself that something far greater than a graduation will take place, and afterwards life will not go on as usual.  Everything will be radically altered for the better.  That is something to truly be excited about.  And I believe it will happen very soon.



  1. One year has passed so quickly. Now life is here in full reality. What will you do with the precious hours of each day? I know God has a plan for your life. Just talk to Him about it each day. You make a big difference in my life and so many others. Thanks so much for this blog

  2. I’ve always considered graduation like a hoop one has to jump threw or maybe like a computer game, you have to complete the first level before you can go on to the next. It doesn’t mean that anything is going to get any easier but life does go on… ooops, sorry, you already said that.

    Ok, well, in many ways life is like school, and judgment day is like the final exam. I haven’t really missed school since graduation, I’ve never really had the time to stop and look over my shoulder. I have the same feeling that on graduation day from this earth will be much the same…

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