Posted by: Douglas Mehling | January 29, 2008

The giraffe’s neck

If you are looking for an example of the ridiculous nature of evolutionary thinking, the giraffe’s neck is one of the best examples.  I just recently read a very prominent evolutionists description of the evolution of that one of a kind neck.  It is an incredible feat of biological engineering and is made possible by a specially designed skeletal, muscular, and circulatory system of quite a different nature than that of related beasts.  If it doesn’t have those three body systems formed in such a unique way, the giraffe cannot support his neck.  While evolution can try to explain in a convincing way that a long neck could slowly develop inch by inch over hundreds of generations, it has no mechanism to explain why the necessary body systems would slowly adapt to support the growing neck simultaneously.  Evolutionary theory has no goal in mind in the development of changes in different creatures.  Specific situations determine the likelihood that certain adaptations will develop.  For example, in a specific environment, pre-giraffe ancestors with slightly longer necks would survive and pass on their genes.  In each new generation, the ones with longer necks survive better and produce more offspring.  The situation that allows taller creatures to reach food the other creatures cannot access favors neck elongation.  Yet, how does this process account for the required changes in the rest of the giraffe’s body.  It would be the greatest coincidence that each change in different body systems would occur independently of each other yet allow for neck growth.  I am not a scientist, but my logical brain tells me that this is really wishful thinking.  Scientific speculation may be helpful in certain situations, but only when you can later back it up with solid evidence.  But after a century of study on the neck of the giraffe, where is the evidence?



  1. I’ve always been baffled by this evolution of a species thing. So what did the early giraffe’s look like, the one’s with short necks?

    Is there some fossil of this animal? It seems that every species has a missing link. We can see point B, but what did point A look like as well as the procgressive evlolutions they’re taking about?

    “Wishful thinking” maybe an understatement. Sometimes it seems like the evolutionist are playing God, creating the world and all that is in it in the image of they’re own theories.

  2. Hi all….

    This is a touchy subject for me… like were are all the 1/2 apes, 1/2 men that are still ‘evolving’? I mean WHY has it stopped?
    Answer that for me, scientits!

    BTW, Douglas, don’t know if you will be up to checking on your blogs… but please know that you are in our thoughts & prayers! Please get stronger soon! Sending a hug! ~JUne

  3. Last night I was @ Mom & Doug’s w/Trever, they said you are seeing improvements & feeling a little better. I know there are a lot of people waiting on future blogs when you are up to it!


  4. Hey Douglas — get well soon man! I’ve gotta have something to read every night 🙂 Hope you’re feeling stronger. tje

  5. Hey Douglas…I always thought you would do something fantastic despite your physical challenge…Love your website! It’s the first time I’ve ever “blogged” someone, I guess that goes to show you, you never get too old to find something “new” to do!!
    More…more… more from your head!!

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