Posted by: Douglas Mehling | January 29, 2008

Taking a more honest look at things

By now I suppose you’ve gotten the impression that I have a rather low view of evolution.  To be totally honest, the more I try to understand this way of thinking, the more I end up thinking how ridiculous many of the fundamentals of evolutionary theory really are.  Do you ever get the same impression?  This lead me to believe that the most ardent supporters of evolution have been so steeped in this scientific approach that they cannot make an honest appraisal of the theory.  It doesn’t seem that ridiculous to them because they have been immersed in a world view shaped by evolution.  But what I am saying cuts both ways since many argue that Christians like myself believe in many ridiculous things and cannot take an honest look at what we believe.  Yet I must also say that ascribing to some hard to believe things of a spiritual nature is much more defensible then accepting some fantastic ideas as actually scientific.



  1. Doug,

    I really like you little blogs, you put so much into a few short sentences.

    While listening to some of these “great minds” and watching their actions as they speak, their body langauge reads like, “I am like a god, all knowing, I understand the keys to the universe.”

    It seems like they have eaten the furit offered by the serpant and bought the sales pitch hook, line and sinker. To me, the “steep” in science as you put it, is like being brainwashed to a degree. This seems to be the only logical explanation of how intellegent people can believe in such fantasies. Just look at all of the wild extremes they go to, even looking for “Nessy” which has been proven a hoax, in the name of science.

    But in the Bible I can find things that make sence, and while the love God has for us may not always make sence to me, I have yet to find anything here I can not believe in.

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